age concern in petersfield

As part of our role in the community, we aim to work with at least one local Petersfield charity every two months. From the Salvation Army to FitzRoy House, we’ve raised an impressive amount for these worthwhile causes, hoping to improve the lives of many people in the process.

How does it work?

After we’ve nominated a charity, we’ll donate 20p from every sale of a large cod to them. It’s really that simple. So to feel good, you just have to order fish and chips.

We’ve raised money for…

So far, we’ve raised £1,213.40 for the Salvation Army, FitzRoy House, Petersfield South Central Ambulance Charity, and The Rosemary Foundation. It doesn’t stop there, though, as we’ll be lending our support to a new charity,  Age Concern, with a forecasted donation of £230!

Age Concern

Age Concern are a charity with locations based right around the UK, including Petersfield. Their main aim is to provide a world where everyone can enjoy later life, which they achieve by taking people out, treating them to special afternoon tea events and offering support in their home.  This is a charity close to everyone, and so it only made sense for us to dedicate November and December to this worthwhile cause.

Get involved

As we said, to get involved and to donate, all you have to do is order your usual large cod next time you’re in Sea and Spud. So not only will you be able to enjoy our feel good food, you’ll always be left feeling great by the impact of your donation.

Are you a local charity?

Well, get in touch! We’re always on the look out for a charity to partner with, so speak to Tim today and let’s start fundraising!


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