helping you go green

At Sea and Spud we’re passionate about doing our bit to help reduce our impact on the environment and reduce food waste. That’s why we’re excited to let you know how we plan to help our customers go green.

Recycle your carrier bag

Did you know you could receive a free small portion of mushy peas or curry sauce if you bring back your Sea and Spud carrier bag to collect your next order from us? We like to reward recycling at Sea and Spud!

Too Good To Go app

We’ve recently registered with the ‘Too Good To Go’ app which you can download from the app store onto your smartphone. Once downloaded, search for ‘Petersfield’ and Sea and Spud will appear. From here, you’ll be able to buy discounted selected items within the last half hour of service from us, including up to 40% off our chicken, Mud pies and chips between 8-8.30pm. This not only allows you to enjoy our delicious food at a reduced price, but helps to prevent unnecessary food waste.

Reduce packaging

We’re hungry to make a change – that’s why our fish and chips packaging is recyclable with meal portions combined where possible. To help us cut down on unnecessary packaging, if you’re picking up several meals why not ask for them to be packaged in as few a boxes as possible or bring in your own reusable container? We would also love our customers to bring their own bag for life to collect smaller orders that are usually put inside plastic bags.

We hope you’re behind our movement to encourage more people to go green! If you think there’s more we should be doing please let us know. Together we can all help reduce food and packaging waste.

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